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Moving Tips

If you have ever had the necessity to move your home from one location to another, you can appreciate how frustrating and complex the process can be. Not knowing if you have packed everything and if the packing is safe enough to keep fragile articles from breaking can be a trying experience. Here are some moving tips to ensure that your move is smooth and hassle free event.

1) Create a list

Make a note of everything you are packing. Immaterial of however small or insignificant the object being packed may seem, make sure you list it. Number each of the boxes and make a list of everything that goes into that box. Do this of every, single box that you pack and make a notebook of sorts from all the lists you make. Also, ensure that the list is specific. For example, if one box has some cups in it, label it as "Tea Cups" instead of "Misc. Kitchen". This makes it easier to keep track of things and is one of the important moving tips.

2) Ensure you have enough supplies

Make sure you have enough boxes to pack everything you want to. In case you think you will need 10 boxes, make sure that you have at least 15 boxes. You will need a lot more than boxes than you think you need. In case you bought boxes from a moving company, you could even return them for a partial refund. Leave a few boxes aside to pack in last minute items such as bedding, clothes etc. Make sure you have strong plastic tapes to ensure that the filled boxes are secured properly. Use packing paper or bubble wrap to cushion your goods. You could also use newsprint but make sure that it’s unprinted as printed newsprint may stain your goods.

3) Make Use of Wardrobe Boxes

Moving tips include making use of tall wardrobe boxes, which are just about perfect for packing big and bulky items like pillows, blankets, comforters etc. These can also be used to pack clothes which need to be left hanging. Call your moving service to find out the size of the boxes they bring and decide on how many you will need. One thing to keep in mind is that you pack these boxes only with light stuff. Imagine the bottom of the box giving away because you packed a bowling ball in it and you having to chase it down the street….. Not a pleasant experience. Apart from moving boxes, you can also use your luggage to pack things in it.

4) Strategic use of boxes

The moving company will happily send you boxes a few days before moving as this will ease their job as well. Or, if you are moving by yourselves, make sure that you start packing early and intelligently. For example, in case you are packing your closet items, first pack the bulky stuff like shoes in shopping bags and drop it at the bottom of the box. Above this, you can hang your clothes but make sure you cover the shoulders with a towel or something to keep them from getting dirty. Make sure that the hanging items are packed tightly together so that they don't move about during travel and fall off their hangers. The purses and sweaters can then be packed above these. This ensures that all your closet items are kept together.

5) Color Coding

Moving tips include color coding your boxes using a colored tape. For example you can code the box with items from the kitchen red and those from the living room green. This makes it easier for you to unpack at your new home without having to move items from one room to another.

Following even a few of these moving tips will ensure a smooth and hassle free move.

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